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VisualFoil 5.0 for Airfoil Analysis and Design See below the changes in each version:. Download Foils - model airfoil plotter. Add a review Tell us your experience with Foils - model airfoil plotter Continue to app Rating: Devices running iOS 7 or higher should install the newer Airfoil Satellite instead! You'll be able to send audio from any audio Do you have a question about using VisualFoil 5 for your project?

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MacFoil comes with only one profile Clark-Y but you can download plots from many spots on the net. I am running my version 1. Plot multiple Lift-Drag polars, CL vs. The old static Winfoil web site has been replaced by a new Content Management System. Jun 10, , Download the dat file data in various formats or use the dat file data in the tools. The website is still, basically, nothing, so that won't help anyone

More information. VisualFoil Plus has the capability to analyze airfoils in subsonic, transoinc and supersonic flows.

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Patrick Hanley is the owner of Hanley Innovations. He received his Ph. Read more.. Click here to sign up. VisualFoil 5. Subscribe for One Year Subscription price: Rapidly compute Cl, Cd and Cm using a linear strength vortex panel method, an accurate boundary layer solver and stall model.

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Sometime in the future, it will probably appear again at www. Thank you all sincerely for finding MacFoil valuable enough to actually pay a little money for: I can't imagine a better reward for writing it. Dave Johnson Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully "There's more than one way to skin a cat.

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Mar 11, , I got a reply from Dave Johnson last weekend: Hi Robert, Well, I have to say that's nice to hear: The website is still, basically, nothing, so that won't help anyone Maybe I should join for a bit. Thanks for the note, it made my day!

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Dave P. Dave can be reached at dave chenerystreet. What's the exact use case for the program? Do you just want to print airfoils from DAT files?

It doesn't have much of a UI at the moment but I can whip up something usable by the end of the week. Are you comfortable with the shell? BTW, what's the default shell on the Mac these days? Is it still tcsh or has Apple moved to bash?

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So the program can potentially be useful to a lot of people. May 28, , I found an old copy of macFoil v 1. I'm not an RC-guy, so I didn't know how to load an airfoil data set. So I can't verify that the plotting works. One of you pros will have to take it from here.

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Best wishes,. Jun 10, , Hey guys, sorry for my late answer, but I was busy with my woodie built Yes, the use of the program is mainly printing dats, but also modifying the thickness, camber, wire kerf and sheeting comensation etc. I already found sheep shaver, and that could by the solution. But how to hell can I download it?? It works finally with sheepshaver!