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How to Install Mac OS X From an External Hard Drive Jun 13, 7: There are two kinds of apps: If the program uses an installer and in the case of all Apple programs you should put them on the boot drive in the applications folder.

Programs that are dragged into the applications folder can safely be installed on an external drive but there are two problems with that. This is an issue I've not tested in more than a year but it is a potential problem. It might mean that whenever a program is updated that you'd need to manually download the program and reinstall it. Not a biggie but something to think about. I could easily move all 75GB to an external drive because I always have my iPhone with me.

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That might be more convenient than installing apps on an external drive. Jun 13, 8: Jun 13, 9: Apr 15, With respect to the type of apps that DO use an installer, not the simple ones that can be dragged, can I install them and run them from an external HD anyway?

For larger applications with additional packs and such?

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I have limited internal HD space so I'd like to install some bigger programs on my external since theres tons of room. Apr 16, 2: Some installers do let you choose where to put the application. In those cases you can at least try to install on an external hard drive. As we've already mentioned one of the reasons that applications need to be in the applications folder is due to the expectations of the updater application.

So some programs that could be installed in locations other than the default may not update properly. Another possibility since you seem willing to walk around with an external hard drive is to simply install everything on an external hard drive - the operating system, your applications, and your data. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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Can You Install a Program onto an External Hard Drive?

Sashley Sashley 1 2 5. I don't know a OS which doesn't allows you to copy downloaded things to a external disk. You just have to be aware of the limitations of doing it this way: The applications and data on the drive won't be available when it's not connected.

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Seems obvious but this can come up in surprising ways so I think it's worth saying here. Let's say, for example, that you have a text editor installed on your external drive and it's the default application for text files. When you double click on a text file when the drive is not connected you'll get an error about the application not being found.

You'll need to right click and select an alternate application in that case. The bandwidth, especially the sustained rates, for accessing the data and applications on this drive is limited to the connection method. For Thunderbolt it's pretty darn good but still not as good as a drive in the machine.

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Don't panic. As long as it's USB 3. Just fixed that. Similarly, most programs don't force you to store all documents in one place. If you have any apps like this, you must change the file location or it will continue to write files to your hard drive, even if the application runs off of a separate drive. Click the gear symbol, choose Arrange By , and select Size.

For USB it's hit and miss. Most applications will load resident in to memory when you launch them so for applications on an external USB drive you'll have some start up latency and that's it. Expect beachballs here and there for sure.

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