Adobe flash player per mac snow leopard You realize that you updated to a Flash version which no longer works on systems that were made in This is equivalent to not allowing windows XP or windows vista in terms of time comparison. I understand that this is not your fault being you aren't the one who determines which systems the Flash is compatible on, but it is within your control to determine which versions of Flash are allowable. You are elimating all mac computers from or older which I'd imagine is a large percentage of your online views. I would say that it is in your best interest to do something about it or else you are going to take a major hit in views.

If you are getting this many messages within a few days, you probably have a lot more coming. I have This is completely ridiculous. This is an expensive fix. Every other web-site I go to I have no problem watching videos.

How to Rescue Mac 10.6 Snow Leopard

I would like to lodge a complaint if this is true. I am paying for X-finity and now I can't watch content online. Comcast flash based video's need Flash Since no one from Comcast is hanging out on this community forum, your complaint will go unnoticed, even though you are not the only one.

You should write a letter to Comcast's HQ in Philly. Thank you for the explanation. Very disappointing. We should have received notice ahead of time, instead of just being cut off. I don't believe it was an Adobe requirement since they don't have that for anyone else. Here are the system requirements for Hulu:. You can watch the same TV shows with Flash If Adobe wanted everyone to force version 11, they wouldn't allow Hulu, or other streaming companies that are more popular than Xfinity, to keep using It is Comcast that made this choice - and a moronic one at that.

Companies like this should be inclusive of the widest audience possible if they want people to pay for their services. I have been reading all the posts regarding this flashplayer issue with the What I don't understand is why my Any Macintosh pre Intel computer running Check Apple, they list it as "Not Supported". If you have a post Intel Mac running I also lost some of my most useful widgets. Leopard was so much better than Snow. Regardless, an upgrade is not simply about money for the software. You need to make sure you have everything backed up - and I don't use timeline for a few reasons.

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And it is more than just backing up the data, it is making sure you know all of the settings and preferences that can only be replaced by rolling back to the previous session. Having been a geek for over 20 years, I know to plan for the worst. Hopefully the best will happen, the upgrade will just work, and all I will have to do is download the old and better version of Quicktime, but if it does not, I need to be prepared to lose everything. The rule used to be that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. XP is not broken, and Comcast supports that. Leopard isn't broken either - far from it.

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And if Hulu, Netflix and every other video with or without Flash can support it, then so should Comcast. Just because Flash moved to 11, doesn't mean Comcast had to - look at Hulu and video from TV networks.

Versioni precedenti di Flash Player per sviluppatori

Je nach Medientyp setzt die Anwendung das System aber ordentlich unter Last. At least managed service providers forgot to update a plugin back in and are now vulnerable to attacks. Flaming or offending other users. This experience has changed my mind! Have spent many hours looking for the answer.

They serve the largest audience with the same video Comcast could use. Plus, the version of Comcast Silverlight isn't even an official one supported by Microsoft for any version of a computer OS, so Comcast has decided to screw everyone there too - load at your own risk. Bottom line is that Leopard is obsolete. Snow Leopard is getting old. Current users are on Lion or Mountain Lion. One reason people had issues was they tried to "upgrade" rather that doing a clean install, which always works better. I am using Firefox, Quicktime and iTunes are better than ever.

SL may not be disappearing since it supports Rosetta. I can't move to Lion or ML because I would lose too many applications. When I finally buy newer computers, I may have to keep one on SL due to that. Even though a clean install is best, I don't think the average non-technical user can easily do it since you really have to document settings, and you do really lose everything. Even if you do not keep any files at all on your computer only on external drive , you will still have a lot to lose doing a clean install since most software gets customized.

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Upgrading is not simple. But supporting software is. All your points are valid. I am just saying that things are moving forward, and old operating systems are just old operating systems. As far as clean install goes, anyone who does not know how to back up and restore their data is going to be in real trouble someday. The Apple Store will help anyone who asks. I agree with you in principle. I just don't agree that Leopard it too old.

The only reason Tiger got too old was that the websites and online video files became too bloated. Other than that, Tiger is even a good OS still and in some ways, better than Leopard. Leopard is not showing any of the signs that Tiger did. It still handles all sites and files without a problem. I just argue that Comcast is practically the only site requiring Flash 11, which is a big mistake. All other sites still support And Apple never counts in terms of what should be supported.

They are always eliminating features that everyone uses. That doesn't make them right. Again, you're right. I have an iBook running Leopard, works fine on alot of sites, but not all. Comcast is never going to change what they do, no matter how many people are left behind. And we don't know what Adobe is going to do with Flash. I'm guessing that no sites will use Flash sooner rather than later. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Versioni precedenti di Flash Player

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Xfinity Forum Archive Go to best answer. Xfinity keeps saying i need to update adobe flash which i have You make a cheerful sound in a clashing background. Thanks for your refreshing perspective. While I want what I darn well pay for with my hard-earned money, as most of us do, you offer us a way to zoom out and calm down a bit, and think about those who have suffered in recent days.

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Apr 29, Flash Player 'Gala' supported by Mac OS X Despite all of their past tiffs, Adobe and Apple still somehow manage to find ways to make. gratis Mac. Adobe Flash Player Riproduci video e animazioni in Flash. Adobe Flash Player 11 per Mac è tra noi. Si tratta OS. Mac OS X.

But I still want Time to look for another provder!!! I promise all of you here concerned that when I hit the Megamillions jackpot, I will fix all of our problems. And I will create jobs for Americans. Adobe Flash Player. I thought I was doing something wrong until I read all these posts from users with the same experience. Since Comcast is leaving us out to try, it's time to check out my local company!

This experience has changed my mind! Comcast Joe: I am a mac user OSX Xfinity website no longer supports Mac Leopard. The time has come to go viral with this problem on every Social Media network. Maybe then we might get the attention of Comcast. Marketing opportunity. Lets push for this change back to compatibility with OS Thanks to all who help. Can't view video. I have MAC X, Disappointed customer - Teri njenks wrote: It is so cool that we Mac users are retaining our composure.

I am so peeved, and so must we be all, yet, it is terrific that we aren't using foul language when we are beset by an enormous failure by our provider to supply to us what they promised, when we signed our names in good conscience. Perhaps the internet attack group "Anonymous" might be a white knight in our travails?

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I mean, seeing as how we are getting the shaft, anyhow. Disappointed customer - Teri All current Major service providers in direct competition with Comcast also require the lastest flash as I stated in my previous post at the bottom of page 2.

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Try changing Safari browser to bit mode: Open Finder. Open the Applications folder. Select Safari.

Check the Open in bit mode box. Close the Safari info window. I am running OS Even if you I am an Official Comcast Employee. Official Employees are from multiple teams within Comcast: We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation. Was your question answered? Mark the post as Best Answer! My Zip Code: My Set Top Box Names: My Queue setup: False Facebook Queue Syncing: False My public IP address: Desktop computer or other device My Move player version: Even the most highly motivated employees report they are disengaged at work according to a new report.

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