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macOS: Great Wallpaper is Hidden in Your Mac’s Screensaver Collection

click That way you can edit images in any of the image libraries without worrying about affecting their desktop wallpaper counterparts.

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Click the folder you just added to the list pane. The pictures in the folder will display in the view pane to the right. Click the image in the view pane you wish to use as your desktop wallpaper. Your desktop will update to display your selection.

Where Default Desktop Pictures Are Located in Mac OS X

Near the top of the sidebar, you will notice a preview of the selected image and how it will look on your Mac's desktop. Just to the right, you will find a popup menu containing options for fitting the image to your desktop.

Images you select may not fit the desktop exactly. You can select the method used by your Mac to arrange the image on your screen.

How to Add Photo In Mp3 On Mac

The choices are:. You can try each option and see its effects in the preview. Some of the available options can cause image distortion, so be sure and check the actual desktop as well.

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If the selected folder contains more than one picture, you can choose to have your Mac display each picture in the folder, either in order or randomly. You can also decide how often the images will change.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

Finding the Default Desktop Picture File Location in Mac OS Pictures directory, this is where all default wallpapers in Mac OS X are stored. Apple has long included dozens of beautiful desktop wallpaper images in OS X. to space, to abstract art — are all stored at ultra-high resolutions (with some, images so that you can enjoy them outside of your Mac's desktop. careful not to delete or remove any images from the Desktop Pictures folder.

Use the drop-down menu next to the Change picture box to select when the pictures will change. You can choose a predefined time interval, ranging from every 5 seconds to once a day, or you can choose to have the picture change when you log in, or when your Mac wakes from sleep.

Change your desktop picture (background)

To have the desktop pictures change in random order, put a check mark in the Random order checkbox. The first hit will probably be the folder you want. These images are all sized at pixels by pixels, so they should work nicely for most resolutions.

How to find and change Apple’s default wallpaper on macOS Sierra

All together, Apple has provided 39 additional images that can be used for wallpaper. If you want to have easy access to them, you can add that folder to the Desktop pane of System Preferences easily.

Change your desktop picture from System Preferences

Click the Screen Saver tab, then click once on any screen saver on the left; now click the Source pop-up menu and choose the folder you wish to use the list includes the Default Collection and its subfolders. What a great idea!

Choose Your Own Desktop Wallpaper Picture and Control How They are Displayed

Thus, they can be copied to another location. For example here, I've added an image from the Desktop as a wallpaper. You have provided an interesting, if not essential, view into OS X, with your discussion of Desktop Pictures. Enter your email address below: Mail will not be published required.

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