2 monitor mac mini 2012

Is it possible to set up three monitors?

follow Apple Cinema and Apple Thunderbolt Display monitors are the easiest to connect, as MacBooks come build-in with ports that are compatible with any Apple monitor. You will need one cable or adapter per monitor.

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We recommend purchasing these cables and adapters from the Apple store, but you can also purchase them from a third party location such as Henge Docks , Best Buy or Amazon. You may want to adjust the display configuration—here is a useful page from Apple support that will teach you how to do so. With a few taps of the keyboard or a click of the mouse, your setup will come to life and you can quickly get to work.

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Dual Monitor Setup with Apple Mac Mini

Allan Boy Mr. Boy 2 9 Boy Feb 16 '18 at There's no such thing as a Thunderbolt "splitter.


Hey all, I'm close to picking up a new Mac Mini and want to run dual monitors ( non-Apple) and I was curious as to what setups people are. I have a Late Mac Mini i7, while only using one Apple Cinema $99 mini displayport>dual-link adopter, or a monitor with HDMI input if.

USB 3. Allan Allan I think I follow all that; for the avoidance of doubt does it therefore follow that a only one monitor can plug into the Thunderbolt digital output b I cannot do better than one HD monitor x and one QHD x with this model of Mac?

Now this mini DisplayPort must be version 1. Any insights? DisplayPort 1.

Transforming a Mac mini into a great desktop workhorse

When you use a Thunderbolt 1 computer with a DisplayPort monitor, you do need to use a Mini DisplayPort cable, not a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 cable. If you are using a Mini DisplayPort cable, we recommend you narrow down the issue further. If possible, also test the Thunderbolt 1 port with another monitor. If you are troubleshooting a StarTech. You can contact us in a number of ways, listed on our support page: Im using display port cable and thunderbolt port is working on Mac Im using it with other monitor.

Any idea why?

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Your question sounds like it requires some investigating, it would be best to contact our Support Team: It will also be used to watch BluRay movies and occasionally even some over-the-air television shows. Computer applications include browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing, and some video editing, but no gaming.

Sabrent says that it connects via Thunderbolt 2. Can you please let me know if my plan looks workable? Do you seen any pitfalls?

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This looks a like a question for our Technical Support team. They can be reached via our online chat tool, which you can find here: You can find additional ways to contact us here: The monitor claims that it does have signals from the displayports. I have tried both a thunderbolt cable, and a mini-displayport to displayport cable that came with the monitor.

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Thanks in advance. Please reach out to the team via our online chat tool, which you can find here: So, the only way to get dual screen capability out of the StarTech docking station as pictured above is to have a real Thunderbolt display? Thanks for your help. Hi Kevin, I would definitely suggest chatting with our Technical Support team if you have questions about one of our docking stations. We are actually working on an update for this post right now, to incorporate more technologies and situations.

Thunderbolt and Mini DisplayPort : differences and compatibility

Stay tuned for new post! Any ways around this? Hi Keven, thanks for contacting us. In order to provide appropriate support with this, please talk to one of our Technical Advisors at http: Thank you!

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I am trying to connect to monitors to my MacBook Air. I connected the HDMI with the thunderbolt and is working fine.