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click Kindle for Windows also includes text-to-speech function, and changing font sizes and color schemes is as simple as clicking or tapping a button. Freda from the delightfully-named Turnipsoft is a superb ebook reader that integrates with Project Gutenberg, giving you access to thousands of free ebooks, and Smashwords, where you can find works from independent authors and publishers. Importing your own ebooks is a piece of cake too, with support for all the most popular formats.

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You can even connect Freda to your Dropbox account enabling you to access books from multiple devices. Freda supports bookmarks, annotations and highlighting, making it a good choice for students.


We also like Flow Mode, where text is shown as a continuous scrolling stream without page breaks; not as pleasant as simulated page-turning for recreational reading, but a handy time-saver to avoid flicking backwards and forwards through a textbook. You can save your ebooks in the same place too, eliminating the need to sync your library. The Pearson eBook 3. Go to www. To find out more about the bookshelf and how to add and access eBooks, go to the downloading eBooks section of the Offline, iPad and Android Bookshelf article.

Go here to find out what your operating system is: To find out more about the Bookshelf and how to add and access Pearson eBooks, go to the downloading eBooks section of the Offline, iPad and Android Bookshelf article. To find out more about the Bookshelf and how to add and access eBooks, go to the downloading eBooks section of the Offline, iPad and Android Bookshelf article.

Installing the Pearson eBook offline app: PC The Pearson eBook 3. To download the eBook offline app installer for PC, select the link below.

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Read eBooks. Although we can only choose page from 1 to 1, but actually, it will print all pages if you keep following my steps. Minor bug fixes. Looks good but need regisration And shows lack of xls or xml file. BookShelf E-book Tools. Calibre's reference mode is ideal for students who need to cite chapter and paragraph numbers. You can also click on the blue folder icon, it will show you the output path.

Select the Installer icon to open it and follow the prompts. The app will feature the same Pearson eBook icon. Select the App Icon to open the Bookshelf. No answer?? We too followed ALL your proposed steps but we got only one or two pages. If tehre is not answer you should remove your advise.


For print the rest pages, please click on the page you want to print at first, then click on print. The method in this article is a alternative way to save your book. For the software we mentioned in this article are all free. Gotta agree with ED on this one, most windows computers already have the print to PDF feature, still doesn't help with the page restriction on these E-Books.

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DownloadBookshelf 8 Mac DownloadBookshelf 8 Beta Win DownloadBookshelf Win Release Notes VitalSource Bookshelf® is the most. Installing VitalSource Bookshelf on Mac OS X or Later Important: If you are Go to your Application folder and Double Click Bookshelf to launch the app.

We will release a new software soon to solve your problem recently. This new software is in test.

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If you are like, we can send you the software so that you can download the Vbk file. You can contact epubor. This does work. You have to go to the section you want to save, then select print and the print range max is 2 pages. This is not a real solution for books with several hundred pages though. Thank you for your comments.

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We just provide this way as a temporary solution. Our technical team are writing a new software to download the VBK books. This software is under testing. If you like, please contact epubor. She will send you the Beta version so that you can have a try. Can you give us more information about your problem so that we can help you fix it as you are the first one address this software does not work. Free trial version will help download the entire book but show you 5 pages of each book.

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If found no content lose of the provided pages, please purchase the full version. When the file opens, it just tells me to refresh the window. Please redownload the epubor vitalsource downloader and try again. We have fixed the bug.

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Please download Epubor vitalsource downloader the latest version to have a free trial. We have fixed this bug. Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems Vitalsouce bookshelf has changed their website again to stop the software working.